Cointinuum BRX Announces $1 Billion Airdrop (Oct. 1 – Dec. 16) Wha-wha?!

Big news is coming from the real estate based Stable-coin/Alt-coin cryptocurrency, Cointinuum (CTM). In order to jump start the Bit Real Estate Exchange platform at 100,000 users, and to stabilize the Cointinuum currency at around 1.1 Billion in circulation, the company is conducting a massive Airdrop give away of 1 Billion coins. The company expects the initial value per coin to be $9.23/CTM. The price will then track an index of major US MSA real estate markets. The BRX Index Report™ will be released on the last day of each month (beginning October 31st) and published both on the Cointinuum and Bit Real Estate Exchange websites, as well as on Youtube, Medium and other social media channels.

Beginning October 1st, 2018 homeowners can register to claim Cointinuum cryptocurrency. Registration will last until November 30th or until 1 million subscribers is reached, whichever comes first. The max amount per household is 1,000 CTM and you must complete a series of tasks in order to lock in your grant of coins. Airdrop will occur within 6 months of the Initial Coin Offering, timed to maximize the collective benefit of users and investors alike.

Visit for details on the Airdrop program as well as the company’s ICO and development roadmap.

- The Cointinuum BRX Team


Roan Yarn, Founder