Get Cointinuum Bit Bill NFT's

Cointinuum is truly boundless.


Get these first of a kind Bit Bill™ collectible Non-Fungible Tokens. While these are NOT  Cointinuum (CTM) tokens, they are fun collectibles with artist value and keepsake interest.

Want to support social impact projects in under-served areas? Or, invest in the most exotic plot of digital real estate in the known galaxy?


Take advantage NOW of the pre-sale pricing.


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100 CTM Bit Bill®

Release date: October 2021

The first ever Cointinuum "100CTM Bit Bill". Its whale theme is well understood by investors and those within the cryptocurrency community. Symbolizes exploration and discovery, under protection.


FACTS ABOUT CTM Bit Bills ( NFT's), they fund a variety of social impact projects in under-served neighborhoods throughout the US:

  • Community Redevelopment

  • Technology Training and Jobs

  • Minority Lead Tech/Innovation Teams

  • Clean Green Renewable Energy 

250 CTM Bit Bill®

More than just a NFT, rare and unique are Cointinuum NFT's. Designed and developed by Roan Yarn, personally, the CTM Bit Bill (CTMBB) is a nod to the founders former creative works and art interest. The original CTMBB, this first and only issuance of the 250CTM has only Five Hundred (500) copies in existence. The CTMBB can be swapped for CTM (110M total). While CTM can be swapped for BRX. Yes, BB can be swapped for BRX!


You may be thinking, one day, will I be able to buy a house with a NFT? Answer: Yes, we're working on that.

250 CTM Bit Bill_NFT_publish.png

1 CTM Bit Bill®

The 1 CTM BB is again, a mixture of creative and symbolism. In contrast to bull market imagery, our protagonist, the bear represents and hedge against a bear market, by balancing a portfolio with real estate-backed cryptocurrency, which resist volatility and provides liquiduty.

This 1 CTM a gem. Only 3 copies ;)

How do I buy NFT's?

 First, let's explain how pricing works. The initial price for all CMT NTF's will be per $9.23 USD. Meaning, for every One CTM BB, the price goes up $9.23 (this is the current pre-launch price of the CTM token).  However, since the tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain, the price will initially fluctuate according to the value of ETH. Once the NFT is sold, the new owners set the new price for that NFT.

Want to learn more or get started? Visit our collection on

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Boundless Real Estate

Where real estate and technology meet,

Where digital NFT's line the streets,

There, in the community, lies the continuum,

If, for no other reason than a Cointinuum.

- Roan Yarn