Cointinuum│Bit Real Estate Exchange

A Cryptocurrency "stable-coin" based on a portfolio of real estate investments and an index of US Real Estate Markets

Welcome to the COINtinuum® general information site. Cointinuum (CTM) is a real estate-backed token that will be traded on the BRX Exchange. We acquire, develop and manage income producing commercial properties for the exchange. Investors can participate in these investment opportunities with NO MINIMUM* investment by acquiring the CTM token, which is currently only available here. Contact us for more information.


Bit Real Estate Exchange is a real estate tokenization platform with token and cryptocurrency trading capabilities. It will offer investments in real estate through tokens, hard assets, and other financial services for owner-operators, investors and financial institutions.


ACCREDITED INVESTORS may acquire shares in Bit Real Estate Exchange under Rule 506 Regulation D  of the Securities Act. For more info on this Private Placement here.


*"No minimum" trading is based on dollar amounts, however, CTM is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain. Therefore, this policy is subject to smallest transaction feasible on the network.

 Cointinuum BRX White Paper

"The Token Ledger"

A New Vehicle with the Power to Redefine Personal and Corporate Finance in the 21st Century.

     The Bit Real Estate Exchange, at its core, is a token trading network for real property (the road). BRX™ tokens are the vehicle for trading.  Cointinuum currency is the gas. We're building specialized roads, for a particular type of vehicle, using  a refined fuel to meet its exact needs.

The "Bit Ledger" or "Token Ledger"is a new financial tool. Once deployed, this instrument will offer a whole new strategy for wealth protection, risk management, financial planning and other uses yet to be conceived. This tool can be used as a additional asset, attached to many other items of inherent value, though it has been conceived as the 3rd column in calculating real estate gain vs. loss, debt vs. equity on the balance sheet. The white paper discusses this concept in detail and will provide the reader with sufficient information to understand why this innovation is important to the evolution of our financial system and how to take advantage of this new concept in your own life.